Coast - 50ml Cologne

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"I have seafoam in my veins, I understand the language of waves." - Jean Cocteau

50ml premium men's cologne inspired by the French Riviera. Unique limited edition numbering.

Developed in Grasse, France. Made in Lincolnshire, Britain.


    Scent profile: Coast is fresh, sophisticated and sporty. Citrus notes and cypress leaf, grounded in rich iris and guaiac wood.

    Taking inspiration from the place where our colognes were developed: mandarin top-notes inspired by the citrus of Grasse, and cypress, inspired by the Côte d'Azur and the trees that grow there.

    Exceptional alone, but designed to be blended on the skin with other UNITE fragrances.

    Made in small batches of 250 units per run. Hand-filled and hand-numbered near Lincoln in the UK with 100% organic alcohol. No animal testing, vegan-friendly.


    • Spray the eau de toilette on your neck, wrists and wherever you wear your cologne.
    • Made to be blended: spray two or more UNITE fragrances (sold separately) on the skin to create your own completely unique fragrance.
    • Add a spray of City to subtly ground the fragrance in a more traditional base. Or blend with a little Country to counteract Coast's refreshing notes with a richness and intensity.


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